A Gentleman’s Easy Guide for Visiting a Strip Club!

A Gentleman’s Easy Guide for Visiting a Strip Club!

If you have never visited a strip club, the whole idea can be beyond enticing. Flowing liquor, flashy lights, a perfect stage, and a group of pretty, naked/semi-naked ladies dancing around to woo you – the setup is promising, and men, of course, have weird fantasies. While there are many gentlemen-only clubs, most are open to both genders, and girls too show up at these fancy places. In case you have been itching to visit a strip club near San Francisco, we recommend that you follow these basic rules.

Ask in advance

For the uninitiated, strip clubs make money through sale of liquor, so that’s a must, but when it comes to stripping and touching the strippers, rules vary widely. At times, tipping is expected, and on other occasions, you don’t tip, until the girl comes to you. If you want a lap dance, you must also ask for that, and it usually lasts for a song that is of your liking. Make sure that you know the rate in advance, because it’s charged by the house, but yes, when you want to tip the stripper more, it is more than welcome.

Don’t think of just strippers

Believe it or not, adult clubs offer a lot more. From great music, to amazing buffets and a long list of top entertainers to choose from, you can get diverse choices. The good thing is strip clubs now have their websites, and you can check their long list of entertainers, select one who would entertain you privately when you are there. Keep in mind that it doesn’t always mean full service, but the experience is worth enjoying, especially when you are there with a group of boys. With full-service tables and topless adult dancers, you will be exploring a lot, provided you are willing to pay up.

Small things to note

Most strip clubs have their norms when it comes to use of phones for obvious reasons, and it is a good idea to follow the protocols if you want to be there enjoying the booze and girls. It is also possible to book the entire space for a party or bachelor’s event, but do contact the strip club in advance, to get the confirmation. Booze is a must of sorts, so if you are a teetotaller, this is not your space for sure.

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